Andrea earned her B.A. in Business Administration at Michigan State University, and then went on to complete additional accounting classes to qualify for the CPA exam through UC Berkeley. Soon after college Andrea decided to move west, and has been in California ever since.

Andrea’s first job was with a chain of video stores in San Francisco, which had over 20 partners. Andrea quickly became familiar with complex partnership tax returns, producing large quantities of K-1s and establishing accounting processes in a high growth environment.

Andrea then spent several years working with professional services companies, which dovetails nicely with Calegari & Morris’ large practice in that area. Andrea next became CFO and General Manager for a large, prestigious custom furniture company where she was responsible for implementing Made2Manage™ across a network of furniture showrooms and manufacturing sites across the U.S. Andrea joined our firm in 2008 and is looking forward to further developing her tax skills while also benefiting our clients with her operations and accounting background.

Practice Areas:

Commercial Enterprises
Professional Services


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