Dan received a BA in business administration from the University of the Pacific then spent the next 5 years working in San Francisco: first as an internal auditor for Bank of America and then as an accountant for Boise Cascade. While employed by these two large organizations, Dan realized that he wanted to work more closely with smaller companies where he could use his business acumen to directly impact their financial wellbeing.

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With this goal in mind, Dan joined Calegari & Morris in 1975. Dan has a variety of clients in many industries, including lending, management, and real estate development. Dan’s concentration is in the professional service industry; specifically legal firms, dental and medical practitioners, and related entities.

Because of his extensive experience in the field, Dan is able to develop performance benchmarks by which his clients can measure their productivity and profitability objectively. This exercise helps them set, and achieve, realistic goals.

Practice Areas:

High Net Worth Individuals
Tax and Financial Advisory
Commercial Enterprises
Professional Services


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“At Calegari & Morris, we’re committed to providing accurate and timely financial information in understandable formats that enable our clients to plan and achieve their business and personal objectives. Unlike many CPA firms, we’ve learned that the way to distinguish ourselves is to proactively review goals and to develop detailed financial reviews that let us asses a client’s financial progress and overall productivity.”

Dan McGee on Calegari & Morris