Kathleen received a BS in accounting from San Francisco State University and a MS in taxation from Golden Gate University. She began her business career in 1986 with the “Big 4” firm of Deloitte and Touche, where she rose to the position of senior tax manager.

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Kathleen joined Calegari & Morris in 1996. Her practice focuses on high net-worth individuals and their families plus associated entities, such as trusts, estates, and private foundations. Kathleen develops close relationships with her clients and their family members so that she can completely understand their financial and personal goals.

Kathleen understands how much revolves around making sure that a client’s wealth is safeguarded—for personal use, for future generations, and for charitable work. Because of this, Kathleen has developed an extensive network of attorneys, bankers, trust managers, financial planners, and other professionals to provide independent, superior services.

Practice Areas:

High Net Worth Individuals


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“The transition from a “Big 4″ firm to Calegari & Morris was easy for me because the quality of people here is so exceptional. Our smaller size allows us to spend more time with our clients. This allows me to be a more effective advisor. Helping my clients achieve their personal financial objectives brings me tremendous satisfaction and professional fulfillment.”

Kathleen Burry on Calegari & Morris